Thank you for your interest in the Tompkins High School Choir Council. The Officers of the Choir Council have a tremendous duty to serve the members of the choir and to make choir the smoothest, most efficient organization it can be.

The directors are looking for qualified individuals who will lead all members of all choirs by example and who will tirelessly work to ensure the continued high standards of excellence in the choir

Officer Positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Logistics Officer
  • Uniforms Officer
  • Librarian
  • Historian
  • Socials

In order to run for an elected office, one must be enrolled in Choir during the current and following school year.

Standards for Officers

  • To be qualified to hold an elected office, a nominee must be a current member of choir and enrolled in choir for the next school year.
  • President and Logistical Vice President must be members of Chorale
  • Individuals must have maintained a passing average (including Pre-AP and AP classes and those exempted by Katy ISD) in all classes during the school year.
  • Individuals must have maintained conduct grades of at least Satisfactory in all classes
  • Individuals must have participated in all required activities of the Tompkins HS Choir

Election Process

Applicants must submit a complete application, which includes:

  • Complete and Submit the Officer Application
  • Schedule an interview with the choir director. The current choir council president may also be in attendance.
  • Attend the speech taping. The speeches will be shown in all choir classes on the day of elections. Time limit for speeches is two minutes.



Officers will serve one school year, beginning immediately after graduation.


2023-2024 Choir Council Members

President: Skyler Karnopp

Vice President of Public Relations: Victoria Okorafor

Vice President of Operations: Sofia Torbello

Vice President of Logistics: Anisha Arumilli

Socials Officer: Sanah Alex

Aaron Chen

Avery Romero

Service Chair: Gabby Gonzales

Uniforms Officers:
Teti Sodipo

Avery McClinton

General Member:
Gaby Davila
Sreya Sreejith
Tryphena Joseph
Srish Gande

Officer Duties

Officer Discipline

If an officer does not complete their duties or acts in an inappropriate manner, the following consequences will result:

  1. First offense – meeting with the directors
  2. Second offense – probation for 3 weeks
  3. Third offense – dismissal from the position
  4. Immediate dismissal may occur if you do not represent the THS Choir in a positive manner, or if you treat a student or choir parent, or the directors with disrespect or dishonor them in or outside of school. THS Choir Officers are held to a very high standard.

Termination of an Officer

If at any time during his/her office an officer fails to live up to the standards of the THS Choir Handbook or his/her choir expectations such as:

  1. failure to attend rehearsals
  2. failure to be prepared
  3. failure to participate in required activities
  4. failure to attend officer meetings
  5. failure to pass all classes including Pre-AP and AP classes
  6. general failure to fulfill the responsibilities of the office

The director has the authority to remove the individual from the office. A replacement will be appointed by the director after consulting with the officers.