Choir Placement

Just as there are different levels in other subject areas, it is also necessary to have different levels within the choir program.  All choirs are equally important performing organizations.

The choirs available at Tompkins HS are:

  • Sound FX
  • Chorale
  • Women’s Choir – Cantabile
  • Women’s Choir – Bella Voce
  • Men’s Choir – Forte

For more information about each of the choirs see below. Forms, fee information, required materials and photos for each choir can be found on the page for each choir.

Choir Placement

Placement in the Tompkins choirs is based on sight-reading ability, tonal memory, tone quality, vocal maturity, attitude, behavior, academic eligibility, and overall experience.

Sound FX

Sound FX is a small ensemble of men and women that specialize in pop, jazz, madrigal, Broadway repertoire, and choreography. This ensemble is active throughout the year with many performances both at school and in the community. Members must be enrolled in both Sound FX and Chorale choir classes. Membership is determined through a rigorous audition process and is only reserved for the most experienced of students within the Tompkins Choir program. Students must be granted approval to enter the audition process by the Director. It is up to the discretion of the Director to determine if the applicant meets the requirements of the sight-reading element of the audition as well as behavioral expectations, commitment, and overall experience necessary to be a potential member.


T his is the varsity mixed choir.  Singers in this choir are advanced musicians who have strong mature voices and sight reading skills along with a good academic record.  The choir competes at UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest.  Students are required to participate in the Texas All-State Choir Audition Process and are encouraged to enter the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest.  Members are required to attend a weekly regular rehearsal after school throughout the year (See Calendar).  Chorale members sing the national anthem at all home football games.  Membership is by audition.

*There are no regular rehearsals scheduled for the following groups, but rehearsals may be added in preparation for a concert or contest if deemed necessary by the discretion of the director.

 Women’s Choir – Cantabille

This is a non-varsity choir that consists of young women who have experience in choral ensembles and perform at the intermediate/advanced level. The members have a firm foundation in their sight reading and vocal skills. This choir consists mostly of upperclassmen and students who have shown exemplary ability as singers and students. Cantabile will compete at the non-varsity level at UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest. Members are encouraged to participate in both the Texas All-State Choir Audition Process and in the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest as well as all other applicable choral activities.

 Women’s Choir – Bella Voce

This is a non-varsity choir for women.
Women’s Choir is comprised of young women who are experiencing membership in choir for the first time or whose voices and/or sight-reading skills need further development. If the Women’s Choir competes in the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Contest, students are required to participate. They may also choose to participate in UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest.

Men’s Choir – Forte

Forte is the non-varsity intermediate choir for men.  The choir is comprised of quite a spectrum of young men who are either experiencing choir for the first time, whose voices and/or sight-reading skills need strengthening, or as a preparatory group to the Chorale Mixed Choir (to be formed in the near future). If the Men’s Choir competes in the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest, students are required to participate. Members may choose to participate in UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest.



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