2020-2021 Tompkins choir placement list

2020-2021 Choir Placement.

Everyone who wants to be in choir can be in choir!

If a student name is missing off of our student placement list, please contact the directors to make the correction.

Student Name Placement
Adams, Elizabeth Ruth Cantabile- 6th Period
Agbro, Oghenerukevwe Agnes Cantabile- 6th Period
Ahn, Lindsay Yoomi Cantabile- 6th Period
Alex, Sanah Mary Cantabile- 6th Period
Anaghan, Christina Rebecca Monzy Cantabile- 6th Period
Anyanwu, Justice Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Arnett, Josefina Angelina Raymundo Chorale- 4th Period
Arumilli, Anisha Cantabile- 6th Period
Ashtekar, Kliya Cantabile- 6th Period
Atwell, Mila Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Augustine, Rachel Katherine Chorale- 4th Period
Baker, Taylor Nicole Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Bancroft, Rowan Ray Lorelei Cantabile- 6th Period
Belanger, Grace Destiny Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Belin, Anna Leigh Cantabile- 6th Period
Bhat, Ahana Chorale- 4th Period
Bhobe, Aditya Dattaprasad Chorale- 4th Period
Bisono, Camila Andrea Cantabile- 6th Period
Bolling, Emma Marie Chorale- 4th Period
Bonjour, Rebecca Marlene Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Boulware, Eli Timothy Forte- 2nd Period
Broadrick, Lillian Elizabeth Chorale- 4th Period
Brown, Savannah Kaylee Cantabile- 6th Period
Brummett, Brooke Ashleigh Chorale- 4th Period
Bustillos, Evelyn Monica Cantabile- 6th Period
Calarco, Sarah Ilaria Cantabile- 6th Period
Campos, Paulina Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Carreno Garcia, Barbara Maria Chorale- 4th Period
Castaneda Pena, Andrea Kaley Chorale- 4th Period
Catalano, Sophia Nicole Cantabile- 6th Period
Cazenave, Victoria Cantabile- 6th Period
Chadha, Harjas Kaur Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Chaubal, Nainika Ashish Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Clark, Jacob Trey Chorale- 4th Period
Cole, Preston Jeremy Forte- 2nd Period
Cooper, Mariah D Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Copeland, Jacob Todd Forte- 2nd Period
Crow, Presley Ryland Cantabile- 6th Period
Dafforn, Charles Michael Forte- 2nd Period
Dailey, Jackson Whitaker Chorale- 4th Period
Dargan, Sean Joseph Chorale- 4th Period
Dartez, Cristian James Forte- 2nd Period
Davila Pavon, Gabriela Bella Voce- 3rd Period
De Santana Albornoz, Alejandro David Chorale- 4th Period
Diaz Osorio, Maria Jose Cantabile- 6th Period
Diehl, Tyler Aaron Chorale- 4th Period
Dimmitt, Alexander Michael Forte- 2nd Period
Donges, Kendyl Cathleen Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Drumwright, Kaylen Grace Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Elliott, Elyse Leonora Cantabile- 6th Period
Faustino, Tristan Gil Forte- 2nd Period
Flores Gonzalez, Andres Forte- 2nd Period
Flores-Sandoval, Andrew D Forte- 2nd Period
Flory, Colin Ryan Chorale- 4th Period
Freel, Isabella Epp Chorale- 4th Period
Freeman, Caleb Nathanael Chorale- 4th Period
Freeman, Carly Elizabeth Chorale- 4th Period
Gao, Yueheng Chorale- 4th Period
Garcia, Camila Chorale- 4th Period
Garcia, Emily Aileen Chorale- 4th Period
Ge, Yunchang Cantabile- 6th Period
Gibson, Reed James Chorale- 4th Period
Gigliotti, Nora Elizabeth Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Giri, Laxmi Chorale- 4th Period
Gonsalves, Rahul Andre Chorale- 4th Period
Gonzales de Orbegoso, Claudia Camille Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Gonzales, Gabriella Marie Cantabile- 6th Period
Grissom, Avery Elizabeth Chorale- 4th Period
Gunukula, Pritam Chorale- 4th Period
Gupta, Sweta Chorale- 4th Period
Guzman Fernandez, Lucas Forte- 2nd Period
Hanna, Emily Madison Chorale- 4th Period
Hare, Anthony Ronald Chorale- 4th Period
Harrison, Nicholas Lee Chorale- 4th Period
Hathaway, Colton Chase Forte- 2nd Period
Henrick, Reese Nicole Chorale- 4th Period
Henry, Melissa Marie Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Hill, Kaia Lin Narisara Cantabile- 6th Period
Hodgin, Kyan Grace Chorale- 4th Period
Holeman, Leilani Faith Cantabile- 6th Period
Hornung, Mimi Cristina Chorale- 4th Period
Hummeldorf, Ella Liana Chorale- 4th Period
Huynh, Sophie Trinh Cantabile- 6th Period
Infante, Venus Raven Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Irizarry, Giseliz Marie Cantabile- 6th Period
Jagan, Tanya Chorale- 4th Period
Jayaraj, Nikita Cantabile- 6th Period
Johnson, Alaura Jade Cantabile- 6th Period
Karnopp, Skyler Kealani Cantabile- 6th Period
Kayode, Ibukunoluwa Oluwadara Chorale- 4th Period
Kazmie, Sara Mehdi Cantabile- 6th Period
Kimani, Gracious Wambui Cantabile- 6th Period
Kimani, Sonnie Muthoni Chorale- 4th Period
King, Sarah Elizabeth Cantabile- 6th Period
Kingery, Adam Ioma Chorale- 4th Period
Kreiler, Sophia Gabrielle Chorale- 4th Period
Kurapati, Saipranav Chorale- 4th Period
Lashari, Laraib Atta Cantabile- 6th Period
Lee, Samuel Elijah Forte- 2nd Period
Lindell, Ashley Mai Cantabile- 6th Period
Lunt, William Armando Chorale- 4th Period
Malik, Amber Fatima Chorale- 4th Period
Martinez Torbello, Sofia Alejandra Cantabile- 6th Period
Martinez, Sariah Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Mask, Allison Renee Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Mason, Lana Imamura Cantabile- 6th Period
Matkin, Branden Alexander Forte- 2nd Period
Matos, Angela Marie Chorale- 4th Period
McClinton, Avery Leigh Cantabile- 6th Period
Melancon, Morgan Elizabeth Cantabile- 6th Period
Meredith, Brenna Claire Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Miller, Daionna Kay-Larae Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Misra, Sanika Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Mistry, Ria Shailesh Cantabile- 6th Period
Monroe, Katherine Elizabeth Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Navarro, Angelica-Danielle Mascardo Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Ndiaye, Mareme Cantabile- 6th Period
Neal, Audrey Nicole Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Neralla, Anisha Chorale- 4th Period
Nguyen, Brooke Tien Chorale- 4th Period
Nguyen, Haley Linh Chorale- 4th Period
Nichols, Mikayla Nicole Cantabile- 6th Period
Ochoa, Anthony Santiago Chorale- 4th Period
Okorafor, Nnennaya Victoria Crystal Cantabile- 6th Period
Olive, Ethan James Chorale- 4th Period
Olowookere, Mercy Abiola Cantabile- 6th Period
Orozco, Natalia Chorale- 4th Period
Pacious, Ryan Geoffrey Forte- 2nd Period
Panjala, Rishi Chorale- 4th Period
Pattani, Anjali Hansa Cantabile- 6th Period
Pattani, Annish Amish Forte- 2nd Period
Payne, Thomas Elliott Forte- 2nd Period
Perez Hurtado, Mariangel Alessandra Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Phillips, Sharon Chorale- 4th Period
Pithani, Sri Sanjana Cantabile- 6th Period
Pochanapeddi, Samshritha Nagasai Medha Cantabile- 6th Period
Pomeroy, Emily Dyan Cantabile- 6th Period
Prado, Kyle Alton Forte- 2nd Period
Qian, Feiying Cantabile- 6th Period
Quinlan, Madison Kilee Cantabile- 6th Period
Rampersad, Chloe Abigail Chorale- 4th Period
Reyes, Juliet Christina Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Richardsen, Philip Gregory Chorale- 4th Period
Rodriguez, Angel Palau Forte- 2nd Period
Romero, Avery Grace Cantabile- 6th Period
Romero, Jared Matthew Layug Forte- 2nd Period
SalehiGhalehsefid, SayedehBahar Bella Voce- 3rd Period
San Cristobal, Emiliano Forte- 2nd Period
Sanoja, Alejandro Chorale- 4th Period
Sarkar, Rajat Subhra Forte- 2nd Period
Sequeira, Samika Mari Chorale- 4th Period
Shaikh, Sameer Aziz Chorale- 4th Period
Sharma, Ryan Alejandro Forte- 2nd Period
Shelton, Kennedy Alexanderia Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Simeoni, Gabriella Maria Cantabile- 6th Period
Sims, Daniel Jonathan Chorale- 4th Period
Snow, Jazmin MaKayla Chorale- 4th Period
Sodipo, Jesutetisimi Ayomide Cantabile- 6th Period
Sparks, Zachary Andrew Chorale- 4th Period
Spriggs, Jack Ryan Forte- 2nd Period
Stokes, Kathryn Elizabeth Chorale- 4th Period
Stumpf, Christine Campbell Cantabile- 6th Period
Suresh, Sruthi Cantabile- 6th Period
Szucs, Anna Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Tahkku, Mira K Cantabile- 6th Period
Tantiado, Robert Simon Lagahit Forte- 2nd Period
Thomas, Michelle Lenin Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Vadaga, Rishi Aditya Chorale- 4th Period
Van Blarcom, Ashley Jade Cantabile- 6th Period
Veiga, Emily Cantabile- 6th Period
Vela, Celeste McKenzie Cantabile- 6th Period
Vela, Rene Makayla Cantabile- 6th Period
Velasquez, Isabella Chorale- 4th Period
Verde, Arian Andres Forte- 2nd Period
Vidal, Nickolas Alexis Chorale- 4th Period
Walker, Ethan Garett Chorale- 4th Period
Walker, Lauren Michelle Cantabile- 6th Period
Wallace, Marlayna Star Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Wan, Jason Mengyang Forte- 2nd Period
Webb, Jade Christine Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Wiederholt, Elijah James Chorale- 4th Period
York, Rebecca Lynn Chorale- 4th Period
Yu, Yueqi Chorale- 4th Period
Zeidat, Sumaya Walid Bella Voce- 3rd Period
Zieschang, Landon Dean Forte- 2nd Period


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